E-Visa India for U.S citizens

Electronic Visa is an official legal document that is granted by the immigration department and authorizes people to travel to a foreign country. U.S citizens using the e-Visa are permitted to stay a total of 180 days in India and the duration is non-extendable.

India is undeniably a fascinating and attractive country. The amazing cultural diversity of India and world-class sites for tourism make India attractive.

Unfortunately, this article is not about the diverse cultures or intriguing tourist sites in India, rather it is about India’s e-Visa for U.S citizens. The article aims at guiding U.S Citizens through the whole process of obtaining the e-Visa.

Generally, the Indian e-Visa application process is simple, quick and easy in that everything from application to the payments and verification is done online. The Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) would be sent to you through email after you have completed your application and made payments. ETA should be printed and presented at an immigration check post where it would be stamped.

The Indian government made it easier for U.S citizens to get the Indian e-Visa by the Introduction of e-Visas made by the government. However, as easy as the application might seem, you still want to get a professional travel agent to help you through the entire process. There are long forms to fill and a couple of documents to upload.

Most U.S finds it difficult to deal with the e-Visa official website as the portal is not user-friendly. More so, great care is needed when paying online for the e-Visa fee. Three unsuccessful payment attempts lead to blocking your Application ID and you must have to start afresh and regenerate a new Application ID.

The government of India however, advises U.S citizens to visit the official website of the Indian e-Visa to apply directly at https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/tvoa.html. This is because there are scammers and many self-claimed service providers who lure applicants for e-Visa. However, applying through the official website could be very frustrating because you might experience a crashing website.

This article does not wish to recommend any travel agency. Do well to make inquiries from a friend or anyone you know who has experienced the procedures. However, two sites that have proven to be trusted over the years include www.evisaindia.org and www.indiavisainfo.com.

The easiest way for U.S citizens to apply for the Indian e-Visa is to employ a trusted travel agent who takes take of everything for you and provides you the best destination airport in India based on your choice. Not every airport in India welcomes you with an e-Visa.

The cost of the India e-Visa for U.S citizens is $25-100 depending on the type of visa. This is excluding any service fee a travel agent might want to charge you. Do not patronize any travel agent that promises to help you get your Indian e-Visa in a day. It takes a minimum of two days for approval of any kind of e-Visa.

Be aware that there are different kinds of e-Visa and information varies depending on the type of e-Visa needed. The types available for U.S citizens are Tourist e-Visa, Business e-Visa, and Medical e-Visa. Online application of any e-Visa is to be done at least 4 days before traveling to India.

U.S citizens are required to upload the following documents for the Indian e-Visa application;

  1. Passport: A colored scanned copy of the first and last pages of your passport is required in PDF format.
  2. Passport Photograph: A passport size photograph which must be taken on a white background is required in JPEG format. The size of the image is a minimum of 10kb and a maximum of 300kb. Also, the minimum dimension is 350pixels in width and height and the maximum dimension is 1000pixels in width and height.

Aside from these documents, details of your Parent’s Passport, Spouse, Port of entry in India and work-related information would be needed

Note: Be careful of the specification and file format of documents required to upload as a slight variation from the required specification will lead to rejection of your application. Ensure you double-check all your documents before uploading them.

With all the information provided in this article, U.S Citizens will or should have more knowledge about the Indian e-Visa and get through with the application easily.