Should I Print My E-Visa India ?

India is truly one of the most amazing countries in the world. It’s a country full of diverse and rich cultures. It is home to so many historical artifacts and monuments. For these reasons, India has always attracted millions of tourists from all over the world. 

However, like most countries, India has strict rules concerning who comes into the country and who doesn’t. Foreigners that wish to travel to India must apply for a visa. There are a few countries that do not need visas to travel to India.

The government of India has made things easier for tourists and visitors to get a visa online instead of going through the rigors of visiting the embassies and consulates. With the e-visa, you can apply online and get your visa without any hassles. But you must print out a copy of the e-visa before traveling. This will prevent a lot of problems that may occur upon arrival.

Why you should print out your e-visa

1. Mobile visas will not be accepted

After your online application is done, the e-visa will be sent to your email. This e-visa must be printed out and kept handy. 

On arrival, this e-visa must be presented to the immigration officials. Showing the visa on your phone will not be accepted. The immigration officer can only scan the barcode on the visa when it is printed. 

How to Print the India e-visa

As soon as the e-visa has been sent to your email, it can be printed immediately if there is a printer at home. The e-visa will have a picture of the visitor, a few personal details and a barcode. The barcode must be visible because it will be scanned by the immigration officials on arrival.

If there is no printer at home, please visit any print center that is close to you. After the e-visa has been printed, it should be kept with the other travel documents.  It is expedient that the e-visa is printed and presented to the officials. Without this printed copy, entry into India may not be allowed.

The e-visa makes everything easier

Taking a trip to another country can be tiring. There are so many details to pay attention to and the process of obtaining a visa is not an easy one.

The good news is that you can now apply for a visa online and get it sent to your email. All that needs to be done is filling an application form. Afterward, when the application has been approved, a copy of the e-visa will be sent to your email. 

The benefits of getting an e-visa are enormous:

1) Luxury of convenience

An e-Visa takes the stress out of your traveling experience. Even if you accidentally leave the visa at home, you can always get another print out from your inbox on the way to the airport or arrival.

2) Delays can be avoided

An e-visa application can be done 4 days before the date of arrival. This ensures that you don’t have to miss your trip for any reason. It also helps you plan. 

Types of e-Visa

There are several types of e-visa depending on your reason for traveling. Whether it’s for business, medical treatments, study or tourism, you can apply for any of these e-visas online.

There are about 160 countries that are eligible for an Indian e-visa. However, preparations are being made to add other countries to the list. 

Nowadays, no one has to go to the Indian embassy to obtain a visa. A visa application can be completed in the comfort of the bedroom. Most importantly, you will get the e-visa sent to your inbox and you can print it at any time.

Always prepare extensively before embarking on an International trip

Making adequate preparations on time before making a trip can prevent a lot of problems. Sometimes, we can forget so many important details, especially when we are in a rush. When preparations are made ahead of time, it is possible to get so many necessary things done. 

Planning your trip on time will help you get ready for the journey. You’ll be able to tie up any loose ends and then ensure that you have all you need. Getting an e-visa is a great way to start your travel preparations.