EVisa Application Form

The government of India recently introduced the ETA – Electronic Travel Authorization also known as the E – Visa India. Citizens of the 180 eligible countries can visit India without a regular visa.

The e-visa grants foreigners the opportunity to apply for a visa online. It is a very convenient alternative to visiting the Indian embassy to obtain a visa.

This visa has five categories and they all come with different benefits. The Indian e-visa has to be obtained before traveling as a copy will be required by the immigration officials on arrival. For families traveling with children, it is important to get separate visas for each of the children.

The Indian government has also stipulated that the e-visa is currently the most authentic and preferred method of entry into the country. All other forms of visa, like the paper visa, are no longer accepted.

Instructions for filling the application form

Online Application Form:

This application is specifically for foreigners who want to obtain the Indian e – Visa from their country. The application must be filled by the applicant. You will not be allowed to fill a form for someone else.

All information must be given according to the instructions provided on the form. Details like names, addresses, and date of birth must be written down in the exact format required. Applicants must double-check their answers before submitting the form online.  

You can also save the application form in case you don’t have to submit it yet. Keep in mind that no correction can be done after it has been submitted. Always double-check for errors and correct them before submitting them.

An application ID will be given to you after the form has been submitted. Keep this ID because it will be used later for communication with the embassy.

Requirements for photographs

A photograph of the applicant will be requested along with the application form. This photograph must be uploaded and submitted with the form.

The photograph must have the following requirements:

1. Format JPEG Size

The photograph must be a minimum of 10 KB and a maximum of 300 KB. It must be of equal height and width. Your entire face must be clear with your eyes open.

Your head must be at the center of the photograph from the top of your hair to your chin. The background must be plain white with no shadows or borders.

The photograph must have your full face without any head covering. Your head must be between 25mm to 35mm. Your eye height should measure 1-1/8 inches to 1-3 inches.

2. Scheduling appointments with the Embassy

You are free to schedule your appointment with the Indian embassy at your convenience. For families that are traveling together, each person must have a separate appointment with the embassy.

3Filling the application form

All applicants must apply for the Indian e – visa using this link: https://indianvisaonline.gov.in. After you have logged in, select the embassy you want to apply from. Fill the form according to the instructions given.

Double-check for errors and mistakes and after correction, submit the form. An application ID will be issued to you after the form has been submitted. This ID will be used by the embassy to communicate with you from time to time.

You will be asked if you want to schedule an appointment with the embassy and make your payments. If you only want to print a copy of the submitted form, click on ‘No’. Print out the form and visit the embassy with the other travel documents.

If you click on ‘Yes’ that means you are ready to make payments and schedule an appointment with the embassy. You will be asked to select a date and time for your appointment.

The Visa fee, service charges, and VAT will be calculated according to the type of visa you applied for. There are various payment options you can select from. If there is no provision for e – payment, print out the application and take it to the embassy and pay the money there.

The e-payment facility is currently unavailable for the Indian embassies in other countries. Submit the application form and make your payment directly to the Indian embassy or through a travel agency.