E-Visa options

The Indian government has introduced the e-visa India and it has made visa application very easy and stress-free. Visitors can apply for e-visa online instead of going to the Indian embassy.

The e – Visa India has five categories: e-visa for business, e-visa for tourism, e-medical visa, e-conference visa attendants Visitors can travel to India with any of the five eVisas depending on the purpose for their trip.

The e-visa application can be done on the official government website, a private website or through a travel agency. A lot of people prefer the latter because it’s more convenient for them.

Sometimes, people have problems with applying to the government website. If you encounter difficulties with the official website, you can use the services of a travel agency. Otherwise, you can apply for a visa with a private website like www.visa-india.org.

The e-visa India can be obtained before arrival or after arrival. Presently, there are about 75 countries that can apply for the Indian Tourist visa on Arrival. As time goes on more countries will be added to the list.

You can pay for the e-visa with your credit or debit card. The e-visa fee is $60. After payment has been verified, a copy of the e-visa will be sent to your email.

Guidelines for Payment of the e-visa

You have to pay for your visa as soon as your application has been approved. There are several payment options that you can choose from:

1 Paying with credit cards via www.OnePay.vn

This website offers online payments no matter the type of credit card you have. Whether it’s a MasterCard, Diners Club, VISA or American Express card, payment can easily be made on your behalf to the Indian embassy. This is one of the most reliable websites for visa payments.

2. Paying via www.WesternUnion.com

Another great option is paying through Western Union. If you want to pay using a bank, look for one that uses Western Union courier service. It is very efficient and you will get your receipt after payment has been confirmed.

Make sure you keep the receipts because you will be asked for the control number. This number is written down in your receipt and it will help in tracking the progress of your visa approval.

Bear in mind that the fees for the bank transfer as well as the courier fees must be paid by you. The courier company will not cover any of those charges.

3. Payment via Bank Transfer

Payment can also be made through bank transfer. If you have a bank account in India or another country, you can use this method. As soon as your visa application has been approved, request the bank account details and transfer the money through your bank. Payment can be made via online or direct deposit.

Some important things to note:

  • As soon as payment has been made, you will receive a visa approval letter. Afterward, your e – visa will be sent to your email.
  •  It usually takes about 3 working days for the e-visa to be processed. If an urgent visa had been requested, it can be completed within 24 hours. However, this time starts from when the payment receipt has been sent to you.

Are my credit cards details secure?

There’s no need to worry about the safety of your card details. Goindiavisa.com protects your card details by using secure Secure Socket Layers (SSL) from Comodo Inc. All the information sent to the website is encrypted including your card details.

 There’s no way your bank details will be leaked into the Internet. To get more details about the website, read through their safety policy.

Problems that may arise while making payments

Sometimes, it can be difficult to make payments while applying for the visa. If this is the case for you, here are some possible causes:

  • A computer error can prevent payments from getting through.
  • Another reason could be that you have exhausted your credit limit.
  • If you provide an inaccurate credit card expiration date, your payment may not go through as well.
  • Your Visa Verified password may be incorrect. Double-check to see if you made a mistake.
  • If you have an expired credit card, your payment will not go through at all. Ensure that your card is still valid and if it so not, renew it before you start your application.