E-Visa for Business Purposes

The Indian government has introduced the e – visa India and it has made visa application very easy and stress-free. Visitors can apply for a visa online instead of going to the Indian embassy.

The Indian e-Visa has five categories. These categories are grouped according to the purpose of travel:

  1. E-Visa for business or E-business
  2. E-Visa for tourism or E – tourist visa
  3. E-visa for medical reasons also known as e – medical visa
  4. E-medical attendant visa
  5. E-conference visa

The e-business Visa is appropriate for those who wish to visit Indian for business reasons. This visa permits double entry and a visitor can stay in the country for 2 months starting from the day of arrival.

Starting April 1st, 2017, the government of India split the e – visa into three categories and then further into five. Visitors can apply four months before their date of arrival. This visa application system was changed from one month to four months.  

However, visitors are advised to apply for their visas four days before their arrival in India. Usually, the Visa application process takes only four days but can sometimes take longer. This visa is valid for one year.

How does e – visa for Business work?

For visitors who wish to travel to India with an e-business Visa, here are a few important things to note before starting the application:

  1. The e-business Visa is valid for six months starting from the date of arrival in India.
  2. Visa can be used to enter the country twice a year.
  3. Foreigners who wish to travel with the e-business visa can apply for the visa twice in a year.  
  4. Before making your trip, make sure that you have enough money that will be sufficient for you throughout your stay in India. Make provisions for extra cash if you can, even though you are with your credit cards, to avoid getting stranded.
  5. Always have a copy of your e-business visa at all times. You may be asked for it at any time.
  6. Visitors must have a return ticket ready while applying for an e-business visa.
  7. If a family is making the trip together, all the members of the family must have an individual visa including the children.
  8. You cannot use the e-business visa in restricted areas or Cantonment areas. Permission will not be given to enter such areas even though you present the visa.
  9. All passports must be valid for six months starting from the date of arrival. The purpose of having blank pages in the passport is for the immigration officers to stamp for entry and exit.
  10. Visitors who have diplomatic passports and International Travel documents are not eligible for the e-business visa.
  11. This application can be done on the official government website or on a private website. Some people have problems with applying for a visa on the government website. 

You can also apply for an e-business visa through a travel agency. It is a more convenient option if you don’t want to apply to a private website.

Apart from a passport, there are other important documents needed for the e-business visa application. Without these documents, a visa application will not be granted to you:

  • A business card or a business letter.
  • You will need to answer pertinent questions concerning the organization you want to do business with as well as your organization.

Purpose of e-business visa

  • Making sales
  • Attending important business meetings.
  • To start up a business.
  • For business tours.
  • Forgiving lectures and presentations. These lectures must be under the Global Initiative for Academic Networks (GIAN).
  • For recruitments
  • For attending business fairs.
  • For supervising a project in progress.

All eligible applicants can apply for two e-business visas in one year. For visitors who want to stay in India for more than six months, you will need to apply for a consular visa through the Indian Embassy.

You can enter India through any of the 28 airports or 5 seaports that accept e – visas. Visitors can also exit the country through any authorized Immigration Check Posts. If you must arrive in India through an undesignated e – visa port, you must visit the Indian embassy to obtain a visa.