EVisa India for Medical Purposes

The government of India recently introduced the ETA – Electronic Travel Authorization also known as the E-Visa India. Citizens of the 180 eligible countries can visit India without a regular visa.

 Types of Indian e-Visa

There are several types of e-visa depending on your reason for traveling. Whether it’s for business, medical treatments, study or tourism, you can apply for any of these e-visas online.

The e-medical visa for India is specifically for visitors who want to travel to India for medical reasons. This visa is a triple entry visa. It can be used to enter the country a maximum of three times.

The visa is a short term visa and only issued to patients. This visa cannot be used by family members. However, blood relatives of the patient who wish to take care of him can apply for the e-medical attendant visa.  

How does the e-medical visa work?

The process of getting an e-medical visa is quite simple and straightforward. Only a few important details will be required such as passport, address, date of birth and full name.

You can pay for the e-medical visa with a credit card or a debit card. Applicants have to answer some security questions after which the e-medical visa will be sent to their email addresses.

How to obtain the e-medical visa

The e-medical visa is valid for 60 days starting from the date of arrival. You can enter India three times with this visa but it cannot be extended or converted. This visa cannot be used to visit any restricted area as permission will not be granted to you. This visa doesn’t grant you permission for adjustment or travel to neighboring countries.

Visitors must carry enough cash that will be sufficient for them throughout their stay. Traveling without enough money is not advisable at all. The application can be done on the official government website, a private website or through a travel agency.

Visitors must print out a copy of the e-medical visa and take it with them on their trip. You never know where you will need it. You should also have a return ticket with you as you apply for this visa.

The entire travel party must have individual visas. Any visitor without a visa will not be allowed must enter the country even if the person is a child. However, parents don’t have to include their children while applying for the Visa.

Your passport must have a six-month validity starting from when you arrive in India. The immigration will need to put stamps for entry and exit so your passport should have two blank pages.

Any visitor with International travel documents or Diplomatic passport is automatically disqualified from getting this visa. Your visa application will be denied. Certain documents will be required as proof that you are entering the country for medical reasons. You must have a letter from a reputable hospital in India and also answer some important questions about the hospital you wish to visit for treatment.

Only the basic documents will be used for the application. Other documents can be provided after the application has been approved.

What can I do with the e-medical visa for India?

The e-medical visa is for visitors who wish to get medical treatment in India that will last for a short period. This visa will only be issued to those who seek medical treatment. All the requirements must be met before obtaining this visa.  

A letter from the hospital where you plan to receive treatment must be obtained. This letter will be shown to the immigration officers along with other travel documents. You cannot use this visa to access restricted areas.

How long does India with an e-Medical visa last for?

As soon as the application has been approved, a copy of the e-medical visa will be sent to your email. With this visa, a visitor can stay for two months starting from the date of arrival. This visa also permits triple entry.

This visa application can be done three times in one year. You can also obtain another e – visa if you want to visit the country again for another reason.