Indian E-Visa Processing Time

The government of India recently introduced the ETA – Electronic Travel Authorization also known as the E – Visa India. Citizens of the 180 eligible countries can visit India without a regular visa.

 Types of Indian e-Visa

There are several types of e-visa depending on your reason for traveling. Whether it’s for business, medical treatments, study or tourism, you can apply for any of these e-visas online.

There are about 160 countries that are eligible for an Indian e-visa. However, preparations are being made to add other countries to the list.

The India Visa Application process

The entire e-visa application process is done online on the government’s official website. It can be done anywhere and this has been specially designed for the convenience of visitors.

When applying online, you will be asked to submit some important documents. You can scan them and upload to the website. Some important information will also be required such as personal and family details.

For visitors traveling for business purposes, information concerning your company will be required. Details of the Indian organization you wish to visit or do business with will also be required.

The e-visa application doesn’t take so much time. Only a few minutes are required to fill the form and upload all necessary documents. In case you have difficulties with filling the form, you can contact the support team through the contact form on the website.

E-visa processing time

The processing time for the Indian e-visas varies depending on the type of Visa. It is better to wait until you have the e-visa before booking flight tickets or paying for hotel rooms.

The processing time can be changed and should not be relied on. It takes about 21 days for the Houston consulate to process the e-visa. This is especially so during the holidays as a lot of people make travel plans in that period.

E-visa general processing times

  • For people who applied in person, it takes about 2 – 3 working days for the e-visas to be ready.
  • For citizens of America with Indian origin, foreigners and U.S. citizens that need references, it takes two weeks to process the visa. If it is a short term visa, it might take a little longer.
  • For visas that require references, it takes about 7 days before the references are checked and approved.
  • If you apply for a visa through email or use a courier service, you will have to add the time of delivery to determine how long the process will take.
  • The following categories of people will be treated as reference cases because they will have to be cleared by the Indian authorities before the e-visas are issued to them:
  • Pilots and Crew members of chartered planes
  • Pilots and Crew members of private jets
  • Pilots and Crew members of cargo planes
  • Pilots and Crew members of Trainer flights and demonstration flights.
  • It will take about five weeks for the clearance process to be completed. The e-visas will not be given until the clearance process is over.

Citizens of Pakistan and Sri Lanka

It takes about 6 weeks for an e-visa to be issued to citizens of Pakistan or people of Pakistani origin. Sometimes this process can take a little longer. Presently, this issue is being discussed by the government of India.

As soon as the application is received by the Embassy in Delhi, the authorities will communicate directly to the applicant concerning their final decision. If you fall under this category and have submitted your application, please be patient.

Don’t make any further inquiries via emails or letters or phone calls. The Embassy will not reply to any message or email that you send. The Indian authorities will pursue your application and get back to you as soon as possible.

The same thing goes for citizens of Sri Lanka. There is no estimated time for processing the e-visa but it takes a long while. During this period, you are advised not to make any further inquiries as the Indian Embassy will make sure that they get back to you.

For the citizens of the Czech Republic and Slovak republic, it takes about 3 weeks before the e-visa is issued. Afterward, it will be sent to your email.