How should I proceed to get a regular visa for India?

The government of India launched an online application process whereby you can fill out and submit your regular India visa application online. After that lodge your passport and supporting records yourself to the Indian consulate or embassy in your country.

Alternatively, you can get a regular India visa via a visa processing center. if you cannot appear at an Indian embassy in person. You will be required to fill out your application form online, on the center’s website, and then mail in your application and required records.

Regular India visa application form

The Embassy of India requires a visa application form that is filled out online. To access the visa application forms follow this link: Click on the link labeled “Regular Visa Application” in the bottom-left area to start the process.

Your application must:

  • Fill in your name correctly as it appears in your passport
  • Include answers for all question fields
  • Type of visa and duration of validity requested should correspond to the details on all other documentation
  • Include your e-mail address on the online application. Online applications missing an e-mail address will be declined by the consulate


You should provide your signed valid passport, including a copy of the information page.

Your passport must:

  • Be valid for at least six months
  • Contain more than one blank visa page for the visa stamp
  • Not be torn, altered, frayed, or separating in any other way


You should provide two colors, passport-sized photographs that fit the following criteria:

  • Be taken at least three months and printed on quality photo paper
  • Be taken on a white background
  • Show the full view of your head with your face in at the center and displaying a neutral expression
  • You must wear neither headwear nor eyeglasses except for religious purposes
  • Your photos must not be attached to your application and it should not show evidence of staples or adhesive tape.

Regular India visa validity

The validity of the regular India visa you are granted is decided at the discretion of the Indian embassy. In most situations, the consulate will grant a visa with a validity that is closed to the expiration date of your passport.  

For example, if your passport will expire within three years, and you request a 4 or 8 years visa, the embassy in most cases matches visa validity to the expiration date of your passport. Please note that when choosing the validity of the visa you are requesting.

Applicants under the age of 18

If visiting India with a child under the age of 18, then you should provide the following documents:

1. Copies of both parents/guardians driver’s licenses and one copy of the personal information pages of their passports

2. A signed copy of the notarized Particulars Form of both parents

3. One copy of the child’s birth certificate displaying both parents’ full names, nationality, and date of birth. Your birth certificate should be translated into English.

4. You may also need to provide a notarized government record from your home country that displays parents’ names, the minor’s nationality and date of birth.

5. Only for individuals of Indian origin and former Indian citizens: a previous Indian passport, a birth certificate, or a school leaving certificate.

6. Also, all children aged five and above should sign their name on both pages of the visa application beneath their photograph. For all minor candidates, both parents should sign on the second page.  

Persons of Indian Origin Only

People of Indian origin need to renounce their Indian citizenship to obtain a regular Indian visa. Keep in mind that you cannot submit your request for a regular Indian visa without the renunciation certificate. You must present proof of your renunciation as one of the following:

  • A Renunciation certificate granted by a Consulate of India
  • A valid Indian passport with the stamp of renunciation

Persons of Pakistani Origin Only

You should present yourself at the Indian Consulate or ministry to process your regular Indian visa if you are an individual of Pakistani origin and/or formerly bear a Pakistani passport. The consulate/embassy will need an additional procedure to process your regular Indian visa and external visa agencies are unable to assist in these procedures.