Apply For Indian E-Visa on the Official Government Website

The government of India recently introduced the ETA – Electronic Travel Authorization also known as the E – Visa India. Citizens of the 180 eligible countries can visit India without a regular visa. The e-visa grants foreigners the opportunity to apply for a visa online. It is a very convenient alternative to visiting the Indian embassy to obtain a visa. This visa has five categories and they all come with different benefits. The Indian e-visa has to be obtained before traveling as a copy will be required by the immigration officials on arrival. The Indian government has also stipulated that the e-visa is currently the most authentic and preferred method of entry into the country. All other forms of visa, like the paper visa, are no longer accepted.

Types of India e-Visa

There are five major categories of the e-visa:

  • The e-Tourist Visa for tourists
  • The e-Business Visa for people who wish to visit India for business reasons.
  • The e- Medical Visa for visitors who travel for medical treatments and check-ups.
  • The e-Medical Attendant Visa
  • The e-Conference Visa

The tourist visa can be used for the following activities:

  • Tourism
  • Sight – Seeing
  • Visiting Friends and relatives
  • Short – term Yoga programs.
  • Volunteer work (only for one month)

The business e-visa can be used for:

  • Purchasing of goods for trade.
  • Attending business meetings.
  • Setting up industries
  • Conducting business tours
  • Delivering lectures or seminar presentations
  • Attending exhibitions or business fairs
  • Supervising a project

The India Visa Application process

The entire e-visa application process is done online on the government’s official website. It can be done anywhere and this has been specially designed for the convenience of visitors.

When applying online, you will be asked to submit some important documents. You can scan them and upload to the website. Some important information will also be required such as personal and family details.

For visitors traveling for business purposes, information concerning your company will be required. Details of the Indian organization you wish to visit or do business with will also be required.

The e-visa application doesn’t take so much time. Only a few minutes are required to fill the form and upload all necessary documents. In case you have difficulties with filling the form, you can contact the support team through the contact form on the website.

How to fill the Indian e-visa application form

The e-visa application form contains questions that concern personal details, passport details as well as your reason for traveling to India. After payment has been verified, you will be asked to upload a copy of your passport. You can use a mobile phone if a scanner is not available.

If the application is for a business visa, a copy of your business card will be required. For medical visas, you must provide a letter from the hospital where you plan to receive treatment. A passport photograph will also be needed.

The documents do not have to be uploaded immediately. This can be done after the application has been verified. All answers must be double-checked to ensure that there are no errors.

The application can be denied if any errors or inconsistencies are detected.

Read the instructions for uploading the passport and photograph carefully before proceeding to upload them. If you encounter any difficulties with the upload, you can contact the support team.

Benefits of applying with the government website

  • There is no time limit as you can apply at any time of the day. The portal is active 24/7 throughout the entire year.
  • You can easily correct any mistakes with the help of the visa experts before submitting the form to the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • The application process is very easy and convenient.
  • All of your documents are secured. There is no danger of private information getting spewed out.
  • Any additional information can be verified and validated before submission.
  • You have 24/7 access to the support team via email.                      
  • The approved Indian e-Visa will be sent to your email in a PDF format. It can easily be recovered and reprinted if you lose a copy.
  • You’ll get a refund if your e-Visa application is not accepted.
  • No extra bank charges are incurred.