Is It Safe For Canadians To Travel To India?

India is one of the most intriguing, adventurous in terms of culture cuisine and health system. They are the second-most populous country in the world and have a rich cultural heritage. The Indian economy is growing at a fast rate. It is now the world’s fifth-largest economy. It has a nominal GDP and the third-largest by purchasing power parity. Canada has one of the least populations in the world. It encompasses a great landmass. There is a good relationship between Canada and India. This is due to their longstanding bilateral relationship. The relationship both countries share is built upon a mutual commitment to democracy. As Canadians, plenty of questions are asked about the safety of Canadians residing in India. They may be there for business trips, tourism, sports, and medical reasons and so on. This article aims to answer questions about Canadian safety in traveling to India.

The following points will be helpful for a safe stay in India


Due to the rich cultural heritage of India, they receive tourists all over the world. Some of their tourists include Canadians. They have good infrastructural facilities. They provide quality services that can rival any international standard. Nevertheless, there are certain areas visitors must avoid. Avoid traveling into the vicinity of the border with Pakistan, Jammu, and Kashmir. There is political instability in the regions and the threat from terrorism. This was after the Indian Government stripped the region of its constitutional right. The Canadian Government warns that there are risks of civil order and acts of terrorism in some districts of Jammu and Kashmir. The security threat level remains high.


Before embarking on the journey to India, you need to visit your doctor before traveling. Doing this helps to check if your immunization is up to date. You may also require other preventive measures. Ensure to carry mosquito repellent to avoid malaria. Canadians traveling to India sometimes develop stomach upset and diarrhea. This is due to the food they eat, which they may not be common with. To reduce this, drink clean water preferably bottled water and well-cooked food.


Traveling in rural areas during the period of heavy rainfall in summer can be risky. You need a Google map or an update from the Indian Meteorological department. You need updates to reach certain areas. Bihar and West Bengal are considered high-risk areas.


Although the majority of Indians can speak English, it is important to study “Hindi”. You need to learn it if you’re going there for business. It will make communication with the Indians easier. This is because approximately 500 million Indians speak the language.


Research shows that Indians are naturally curious especially if you are a foreigner. Although, it might be uncomfortable, but put in mind that it is nothing; just be prepared.


A Canadian traveling to India should be ready to experience high humidity. He or she should try getting lightweight, loose and comfortable clothes.


The electricity generated in India is less than the demand per head. As the population keeps growing, so is the demand. Since this is not the same for the generation of electricity, it affects the citizens’ lives. It is also a major cause of traffic jams.


Corruption affects the economy of the local, state and central government agencies. This is a major cause of stunted development. There are several causes such as the monopoly of Government controlled institutions. They control certain goods and services- delivery. Lack of transparent laws and processes is also a major cause.


This is a major challenge in India due to cases of rape, child marriages, and human trafficking. India shows utter disregard for its women as harassment and assaults go on unabated. Due to its large population, there is a tendency for a disease outbreak in India. An example is the Lenthal Nipah virus that claimed more than 17 people. However, India is a budget-friendly destination; they don’t charge you for everything. They also cherish friendship and this makes it easier to relate with them. Taking notes of the following points written above can make India a safe and worthwhile experience for Canadians to travel