Trip to India Checklist

Traveling to India can be fun and interesting either in style or on a budget. Some steps should, however, be taken to enjoy a safe trip there. These steps include:-

1) Health Preparation

The Center for Disease control recommends before traveling to India that you must take routine vaccinations against, typhoid fever, rabies, and polio. These vaccinations are intended to protect you from common diseases and viruses. It also reduced the spread of infectious diseases. Without the vaccination card, one cannot be allowed into India. It is mandatory and compulsory before entry into India.

2) Visa Procurement

Going to India, one must apply for a visa before leaving the country. All Indian visas are collected through the Travisa outsourcing company, not the Indian consulates. However, if you live too far or don’t have the freedom to visit the visa collection center during the day, you can also apply via mail and receive your visa within two weeks. You are not permitted to import more than a laptop, 2L of strong drinks, 100 cigarettes or equivalent, or gifts and souvenirs worth over ₹8000. Any amount of cash over US$5000 or a total amount of US$10,000 on arrival.

3) Hotel Reservation

India is colorful and rich in heritage. Therefore one is expected to make plans by reserving train tickets and hotel accommodations. Some hotels have night-life which makes it lively while some are peaceful; some are expensive while some are incredibly cheap. Rooms can be booked at least one month ahead however, about six months is advised for the major tourist season comes around December. For your first day, you must be careful of common hotel scams and fake cab drivers around. Tourists have been reported to be scammed and duped by scammers and fraudulent people. Careful enquires about the hotel environment must be made before booking a room there

4) Security

India, when compared with other countries, is safe and secure. However, citizens, especially ladies, are expected to walk in groups rather than alone. According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) 2013 annual report, rape is the fourth most common crime against women in India. Most of the victims of rape encounter this incident while being with the perpetrator. It is therefore advisable to walk in pairs and not alone, especially at night.

5) Emergency number

Recently, India today launched the single emergency helpline number 112. As a response to further strengthen the security of its citizens, this was done. As a visitor, you are advised to have the hotline for emergency purposes as well as for security reasons. Going out with security personnel can be very helpful.

6) Basic Language

If you’re traveling to India for the first time, it is advisable to learn their basic communicating languages like: hello, good morning, where is this place. This can be helpful when communicating with the locals and the less educated citizens as well as the traders. Hindi is the official language of the government in India, with English as an official sub-language. Getting a handbook can help learn Hindi

7) Get a tour guide handbook

Handbooks are one of the ways to quickly get acquainted with Indian culture and tradition. These small pamphlets can come in handy and are very resourceful. They can serve as directions if one gets lost and also have places where meals can be taken. It also provides information about the nearest gas stations.

8) Mode of dressing

The dressing is a part of the integral way of life of the Indians. This differentiates them from other people in the world. When preparing for a trip to India, it is advisable to also get clothes which are related to the culture of the people. All around the world, in conclusion, traveling requires procedures and processes that must be followed to be allowed authorized entry into any country and this does not in any way exclude India. However, India has its fair share of being unique and this owes to their ways of obtaining visa, passport, customs regulation as well as the undeniable influence of their culture and tradition. In this regard, I encourage all potential travelers to gear up and get ready for a fun-filled trip to India.