What you should know before your trip to India

The Republic of India as it is officially called is one of the largest countries in the world. Adjusting to the economy and delirious energy of this bewildering place won’t be easy. This article aims at bringing to the knowledge of people traveling to India things they are to know about India before traveling. The first thing you want to know about India is the market value and cost of things. India is a modest country with rich culture. Things are relatively cheap; accommodation, transportation, service, and food are cheaper in India than in the US and many other places in the world. However, there is a huge variety of options in every category. 5-star hotels, luxurious train travel, international restaurants are all available. Also, the currency conversion rate in India is somewhat fair. As of February 2020, 1 US dollar is equivalent to 71.47 Indian Rupees.

Other things you should know before your trip to India include:

  1. Beware of street foods: Don’t go for the foods on the street of India if you are not used to it. It can get you sick. You are advised to stick to bottled water or soda instead of tap water because most of the diseases are water-borne.
  1. Pollution: India is a populated and vast country. Every here and there in India is polluted as there are many busy places in India. Don’t feel silly covering your nose with a mask or scarf. The pollution can cause serious skin problems, therefore, endeavor to cover up your skin.
  1. Dressing: The fact that you are a foreigner will not excuse you from dressing against the rules of some places in India. If you are visiting some tourists spot or shrines in India, you have to dress to respect the rules. You should do well to make researches on how you should dress before going to such places. Also, best for India’s climate are loose-fitting clothes especially if you are traveling during the summer, fall or spring.
  1. Tumultuous Traffic: Car traffic is very much present as expected in a country like India. Most times, drivers do not seem to care about the traffic rules causing further chaos on the roads. If you are not a skilled driver, driving in India can be treacherous.
  1. Women should be careful if you are traveling alone: India has been reporting a lot of rape cases. As a lady, you are advised not to walk alone as you are probably going to get strange looks. But don’t let that make you feel restricted or stop you from wandering. Keep your guard up and know the exact direction you are going.
  1. Beware of beggars: A lot of places in India are ridden in poverty resulting in a lot of beggars all around India. This could be devastating in that the beggars constitute children. The problem is not even about giving, but being careful with them as most of the beggars are looking for every opportunity to steal from you.
  1. Respect the religion and culture: There’s a huge Muslim population in India. Therefore, expect to hear their call to prayer played on loudspeakers more often. There are also very distinct cultures throughout India. People think that the only spoken language is Hindi. That is not true. There is a whole lot. South Indians dress differently from North Indians and there tends to be this common misconception and racially profiled remark like, ‘You don’t look Indian’.
  1. Transportation System: One thing you should know about any country is its transportation system. In India, it is like no other. Buses and trains in India are very much crowded. One skill in India knows how to get you on a moving bus.
  1. Beware of strange happenings and creatures: Shrines and occultism gatherings are all around India. Don’t get easily carried away. You might like to know that there are a lot of stray dogs in India. Move along carefully to ensure your safety.

Conclusively, most of the issues in India are due to its large population. Therefore, if you are not convenient staying with many people India might be a difficult place to be. However, experience in India would be one of the best you would ever have and taking note of the things enumerated above before traveling to India will make your stay in India safe, comforting and less confusing.